Orthodontic Consult Visit



Our office orthodontic team provides complimentary orthodontic evaluations for children 7 and older . If you are in the Washington DC area and seeking a second opinion on orthodontic treatment we offer complimentary orthodontic evaluations as well.

Your pediatric dentist or dentist may have suggested your child have a complimentary orthodontic consultation based on certain concerns that may have been seen during your child's dental check up . In other situations you may have noticed changes to the tooth alignment or differences in how the teeth are biting together.

The first step in determining the necessity for treatment is learning as much about your child's orthodontic condition as possible. This begins with a comprehensive orthodontic examination and consultation.

At your child's orthodontic consult with our orthodontic team we will answer as many questions as possible at this visit and give a detailed explanation of your child's teeth positioning, growth and development and provide recommended treatment needed.  

We want to assure you of our commitment to providing excellent orthodontic care in a warm and caring environment. 

To request an orthodontic consultation appointment with our orthodontic team please call us at 2028739696.